Affiliate Marketing

Globalizer is the internet's worldwide Affiliate Network. With a wide mix of search, email and display publishers from all over the globe, we have the ability to drive substantial, high quality traffic to advertisers of all kinds anywhere in the world. The Globalizer team are veterans in the Affiliate Marketing space and bring a wealth of experience to the table.

Why work with Globalizer?

Affiliate Network
  • Pay For Performance

    We only get paid when our advertising results in your predefined action, whether that means a sale, click, lead or registration. There is no risk to the advertiser.
  • Quality Traffic

    Unlike many other networks, Globalizer strictly selects affiliate publishers ensuring that the highest quality traffic reaches our advertisers. We are in close contact with our publishers regarding promotion methods and keep a watchful eye on transaction reports for any irregularities enabling us to identify potential issues quickly.
  • Global Reach

    Globalizer is a true, worldwide network offering both the best in global offers and publishers. Our wide mix of advertisers makes us attractive to top publishers from around the world.
  • Top Notch Support

    Our advertisers are truly our partners. Our success depends on your success. Whether it is simply helping get your programs launched, designing creative, or coming up with ideas to increase conversions or the lifetime value of your customers, we are there to help you. We also provide help taking deals global where possible to really expand reach and aggregate profitability.
  • Accurate Real-Time Reporting

    Using direct pixel post technology, our tracking is far more accurate and reliable than what many other networks are currently using.
"Globalizer has been a great network to work with. Dan has been extremely helpful in not only optimizing our account but making sure all our guidelines are met. I recommend any advertiser who needs high quality leads and an attentive account manager to Globalizer!"
Shea Stringert, Online Marketing Manager at Affinity Labs/Monster World Wide

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